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Hey guys,

Here’s a quick update from what I’ve learned today about the Sewol ferry that sank in South Korea. I can’t be 100% sure everything is accurate, but I’ve done my best to weed through various articles and news cast to be as accurate as possible.

Today divers were able to enter the third floor where they allegedly spotted a few bodies, but no attempts at rescue were able to be made because there was so much debris that processing would have risked the lives of all the divers. Information on air lines has been contradictory, but the most recent news has stated that lines have been successfully implemented.

There are cranes at the site to work and surface the ship, but doing so would greatly risk the lives of any passengers if they are still alive. Not only will lifting the boat shift the orientation of everything in it, it also runs the risk of allowing any possible air pockets to collapse.

The situation is extremely delicate, and realistically, survival is not very likely. Passengers would have had to stay awake in air pockets without food or fresh water for four days, and the temperature of any standing water is frigid. It doesn’t help that storms and poor weather are hindering any progress.

In other news related to the incident, the text messages which became extremely public were confirmed to be fake and no cellular activity has occurred on passenger cellphones. I won’t play the blame game, so my next comment would be to keep the vice principle, Kang Min, in your thoughts. He felt so guilty about the tragedy that he committed suicide early this morning.

In any case, whether you are religious or not please keep the Korean people and the families of those still missing In your mind or in your prayers. Hope for a miracle.


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Spirits of the forest…
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everyone hates teen wolf until they start watching teen wolf

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i was supposed to be downtown like 30 minutes ago

you’re not makin your way downtown
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That was so beautiful
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